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Amersham & Wycombe College Buckinghamshire

Work Experience

Work Experience

With us, your Study Programme is all about you.  We have tailored our programmes so that our students get the most out of their time with, both academically, professionally and socially.

The study programme is made up:

Main qualification


Employability skills/work experience


Most students benefit from work experience to inform career choices, develop the relevant occupational skills and help instill the attitudes and behaviours expected at work such as time keeping and communication.

The emphasis throughout the academic year is on employment and progression and students are encouraged to take part in the development of their employability skills supported by the Work Experience team and their course leaders.  Students have exposure to guest speakers, demonstrations, trade shows and other appropriate trips and there is an employer evening event linked to various departments and all students are invited to attend.

Support with UCAS and Apprenticeships is also provided by course leaders and members of the work based learning team.

We have a dedicated Work Experience department who assist students with as much or as little as they require, but if you are thinking of starting a full-time study programme with us, it is not too early to start thinking about your future and possible placements in the sector you are entering.

Get your friends and family involved – they may have, or know people who can provide a work placement for you. Access to social media means that you have the potential link to hundreds of contacts who could help you out.

Stefan and Lekita recently did their work experience at local radio station Wycombe Sound.

Read about IT student Kierans’ recent work experience at The Window Film Company


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