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Amersham & Wycombe College Buckinghamshire

why work with us

Expand all If your business competitiveness and success are important to you, you should be talking to us. Whether you want to bring new people into your business and are looking for a cost effective solution to do so which also develops new employees skills, or you want to ensure your existing team are at the top of their game through developing their talent, we are confident we can help improve the productivity, motivation and service levels of your business – all of which contribute towards your business being more competitive.

Our services and programmes are all about developing people; an investment in your people to improve their abilities and your business can be invaluable.

Over 1,300,000 UK employees do not have the skills they need to perform their current job role – is your business affected?

Failing to invest in your people is failing to invest in your business.

Skills gaps and shortages have a major impact on business, including:


Better Skills = Better Business

Although nearly 50% of employers want to train to improve, barriers in doing so include:


Benefits to your business

By working with AWC for Business, your business benefits from:

  • Marketing leading prices and access to subsidy
  • On demand solutions flexible to your business demands
  • Clear proposals and communication

Recruitment Solutions

  • A cost effective recruitment solution
  • Pre-selection and screening
  • High-calibre candidates who want to work
  • Reduced salary costs for Apprentices
  • Access to a wage subsidy for some employers

Talent Management

  • Provide training and assessment at your place of work
  • Subsidy towards the costs
  • Access to Adult Learning Loans
  • Showcasing your business through AWC for Business PR
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