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Amersham & Wycombe College Buckinghamshire

what we do

Expand all Our services to business fall into 3 core areas:

Recruitment Solutions

Our Recruitment Solutions service provides your business with new staff.

We take time to understand your requirements and then seek out high calibre motivated young people to put forward to selection with you. Once you have selected a suitable young person to fulfil your vacancy we will then start to work with them to develop their skills and competence further through an Apprenticeship qualification.

By developing your new employee in their first 6-12 months you can be assured that you are one of the growing number of employers who are providing a structured opportunity for young people whilst developing their careers.

Upskilling your workforce

Upskill your current workforce both through fully accredited work based learning and the design and delivery of bespoke courses to fully meet skills gaps.

As an example we now offer a Level 5 Leadership and Management Apprenticeship for Health and Social Care – to fully train your next wave of senior managers.


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