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Amersham & Wycombe College Buckinghamshire

Art & Design

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Are you considering a career in Art and Design?

With our wide variety of Art and Design study programmes, we have one that suits you. We are one of just twenty Founder Colleges of the National Skills Academy, Creative and Cultural’s network –  recognition of the quality and specialism of our Creative Industries training and facilities. Our facilities include dark rooms, dedicated studio spaces, a print room, ceramics studio and state of the art computer suites.

Creative Industries is one of the fastest growing areas in the UK and we are leading the way in imagination, innovation and enterprise.  1.6m of the UK workforce is currently employed in the Design industry and the design economy grew by 9.5% between 2009 and 2013.

What do we offer?

Our full-time Art and Design study programmes are offered at the Amersham Campus and cover Fine Art, Fashion, Urban Fusion, Photography and Graphic Design, with part-time courses coverning print making, sculpture and ceramics.  Many of our students go on to triumph in the artistic world especially in live competitions and industry. In 2015, 92% of our students were successful in achieving their qualification.

Have a look at some images from the End of Year Show 2016 which showcase our Creative Industries students work.

Every year we run an internal competition for the students to design the logo for our Student Awards ceremony. This years winning design was by Level 3 Graphics student Eliott Bulpitt




Course Campus Full/Part Time Start Length
Level 3 Diploma in Fashion and Textiles Amersham Full Time 11/09/2017 35 Weeks
HNC Fine Art Amersham Full Time 25/09/2017 30 Weeks
HNC in Photography & Digital Imaging Amersham Full Time 25/09/2017 26 Weeks
Level 2 Diploma in Creative Arts Amersham Full Time 11/09/2017 35 Weeks
Painting 1 Amersham Part Time 21/09/2017 12 Weeks
Level 2 Certificate in Fashion Design and Styling Amersham Full Time 11/09/2017 35 Weeks
Printmaking Term 1 Amersham Part Time 29/09/2017 10 Weeks
Level 1 Diploma in Creative Studies Amersham Full Time 11/09/2017 35 Weeks
Level 3 Diploma in Graphic Design Amersham Full Time 11/09/2017 35 Weeks
Sculpture Amersham Part Time 28/09/2017 10 Weeks
Sculpture Amersham Part Time 27/09/2017 10 Weeks
Level 3 Diploma in Urban Fusion Studies Amersham Full Time 11/09/2017 35 Weeks
Level 3 Diploma in Design Photography Amersham Full Time 11/09/2017 35 Weeks
Foundation Diploma Art & Design Amersham Full Time 11/09/2017 35 Weeks
Painting Term 3 Amersham Part Time 19/04/2018 8 Weeks
Painting 2 Amersham Part Time 18/01/2018 10 Weeks
History of Art Amersham Part Time 07/11/2017 5 Weeks
Printmaking Term 2 Amersham Part Time 13/01/2017 10 Weeks
Sculpture Amersham Part Time 27/04/2017 6 Weeks
Printmaking Term 3 Amersham Part Time 21/04/2017 6 Weeks
Sculpture Amersham Part Time 12/01/2017 10 Weeks
Sculpture Amersham Part Time 19/04/2017 6 Weeks
Sculpture Amersham Part Time 11/01/2017 10 Weeks

Student stories

Tom Maxwell

Art & Design

I am a documentary photographer and photojournalism student currently in my final year of study at Southampton Solent University. From September 2013 to July 2015 I studied at the Amersham Campus.

When I left school after finishing my A levels, I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I wanted to do photography. I didn’t even know about foundation courses before I got to Amersham, but I had a friend who went to the college so I went on an open day. I was introduced to the HND Photography and Digital Imaging course which is a 2-year course, treated by universities as an alternative to a first year of university.

Throughout the first year, lecturers brought in photographers for talks and local businesses as well.  One example was a fashion designer who came in for a week and we were tasked with photographing her dresses and accessories for a fashion walk in Italy. It got us to try all the different tasks you might expect with a photography job, and some that I didn’t even realise came into consideration – including organising the actual photographs, communication skills and what you might expect to get paid for a job. Rendering images in computer programmes and most importantly working with time constraints were other key factors. This kind of work experience has lead me to do photographic assignments for bands and actors, as well as assisting at jobs for PR companies in London.  I was fortunate enough to assist a photo-shoot with British Band ‘The Vamps’ (through my lecturer) so the college course has given me a lot of opportunities.

When going to University, you’re looking at around £12,000 per year. You’ve got about £9,000 for the course, £3,000 for accommodation and I haven’t even included prices for food, equipment etc. The HND course I did, was £5,500 a year but because it was only a bus ride home I didn’t have to worry about accommodation.

Without sounding too dramatic, the teaching I experienced at Amersham & Wycombe College is the reason I still study, and enjoy photography. Coming from a grammar school there was always pressure on academic courses like business, science and politics, which I wasn’t interested in. The photography course at my school was beyond poor, seen more as an easy way to get extra UCAS points for University.

Before I started at Amersham, I was worried about my level of knowledge compared to others on my course but by the end of my first day all those worries had gone. The teaching was excellent, where each person was treated as an adult, and as an individual.

I was taught all about film photography, as well as digital photography and about the different genres of photography. My lecturers Paul Smith, Tom Warland and Dave Willis were beyond excellent, and went beyond what was expected for teachers. Dave, coming in as a well established music photographer, took people out on shoots with him, which is how I got to meet the Vamps, so you could experience his industry. Paul and Tom helped filter my ideas and steered me into the genre of photography I do and love to this day. There was just as much emphasis on private study and projects as on college modules, and the support and guidance I received is the reason I now have had work published in different magazines. I have to say without a shadow of a doubt that this was the best teaching I had ever received in my academic life, and I would recommend the college and course for that alone.

The course fits in well with daily life and leaves you room to improve personal work, but also time to have a part time job, or you can still come in on your off days. The facilities are good with a colour and black and white film developing room, something rare in many colleges, as well as a well-equipped studio with background wall and lighting. The experiences at college developed me as a documentary photographer and photojournalist, with my first photobook set to be released at the end of this year.

George Hopkins

Art & Design

George spent two years studying Graphic Design with the College. He had high predicted grades and these predictions were met owing to his dedication and hard work. George demonstrated exemplary commitment to his studies for the duration of the course. With strong sketchbook illustration and innovative, logical and inspiring final designs, George developed a portfolio which wowed his interviewers for BA Hons. Industrial Design at Brunel University, where he is now studying.

Jack Pierce

Art & Design

“I studied a BTEC National Diploma in Photography at Amersham and Wycombe College. If I had to sum up the experience I had over the two years studying there, I could call it nothing less than phenomenal.

Prior to starting at Amersham I had begun to feel like my time in education had become stagnant and that I was far from learning new things; I was just repeatedly proving I still knew things I had been taught several years prior.

Having studied in the area of art and photography for many years I expected more of the same but I was still drawn in by the fantastic facilities Amersham & Wycombe had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised, throughout the course I was consistently acquiring new skills and developing existing ones, and many of these have come in handy in my current line of work as a web designer.

I had very primitive knowledge of web design which had grown from toying around building my own website at home. The eye for design, which was honed whilst at Amersham, helped dramatically. It meant I was able to achieve websites that look fantastic and modern, or really capture what the customer wanted. I have nearly been in the role for a year and since starting, my technical skills have caught up to where they need to be.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Amersham and Wycombe College and regard it as a revolutionary experience which has changed my life and put me into the career I have now. I would recommend its courses to anyone – young or old – interested in carrying on in Further Education or simply expanding their skill set.”

Jack’s website:

Antonina Dolaniecka

Art & Design

Winning a prestigious category at the 2010 Association of Photographers’ Student Awards in London, being a finalist again this year, qualifying as a finalist in the Nikon Foundation competition and having her work published in Italian Vogue, are just some of the many achievements of Foundation Degree Photography student Antonina Dolaniecka.

“College has really helped me to develop my potential and style of photography and the teaching has been helpful and supportive. I have really enjoyed my time here at College and hope to go on to work in the fashion industry.”

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